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An appropriate paraphrase of the Psalm to describe SACRED HEART PARISH, which has so diligently served the immigrant Germans and their descendants in this community since 1870, and then to be joined by the immigrant Italians and their descendants since 1969, from the original site on 5th and Broadway. Spiritual service is now rendered to all who come to worship the Lord at Sacred Heart.


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RAVIOLI DINNER STOCK FOR SALE.  Frozen ravioli $9.00 per box of 50, meatballs $8.00 per quart, sauce $6.00 per quart and grated cheese $5.00 per pint.  Please call the office Monday through Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for information at 541-4654. 

ST. CECILIA CONCERT AT SACRED HEART. St. Cecilia is the patroness of Sacred Music. The Schola Cantorum Cincinnatensis, featuring members of Sacred Heart Choir, will be putting on a free concert in honor of St. Cecilia on November 22nd at Sacred Heart Church in Camp Washington at 7 pm. The concert will feature pieces by a Cincinnati priest from the turn of the 20th Century, Fr. Wilkens, as well Cincinnati's own William Egan and Sean Connolly. The Schola will also feature other polyphony and Gregorian chant from the propers of the Feast of St. Cecilia. Please join us in this beautiful Church to raise our hearts and minds to the Lord.

CONFIRMATIONThe Archbishop will be here for Confirmation on May 23. Confirmation classes begin on the third Sunday in December; however, this Sunday, November 15, following the 9:00 Mass, there will be a brief meeting in the “Ravioli Room” of the parish hall with parents of confirmandi. If you cannot attend, please let me know via email at efernandes@athenaeum.edu. Thank you.  

CHOIR Beginning with All Saints Day, John Valentine will take the reins as director of the 11:30 Choir. Singers are needed for English Mass and Latin Mass. Singers are invited by open-invitation to sing at either the 9:00 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. mass with the choirs.  The ability to read music on a basic level is required as well as attending a weeknight rehearsal during the academic year.  Please contact John Valentine if you are interested: johnv913@gmail.com   Choir rehearsals: Latin-6pm, Tuesdays; English-6:30 p.m., Thursdays.


Declarations of Nullity These are commonly called annulments. If you or someone you know has a marriage that has ended in divorce and wishes to investigate the possibility that the Church might declare the marriage null, giving a person a chance to marry validly in the Catholic Church, please call the rectory. Likewise, if you know of someone in an irregular marriage situation and would like to regularize the marriage, please invite them to call too.


If you have a child in need of baptism, please call the rectory to schedule the baptism. Joyce Gordon, the parish secretary, will take down all the pertinent information. Likewise, if you know of an adult who is interested in becoming Catholic, please have him or her call the rectory to make arrangements for instruction.


Weddings.  We have had a number of requests for weddings- in the Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary Forms of the Roman Rite- at Sacred Heart.We have had very few weddings here the past few years, but we are happy to welcome those wishing to be married in the Church here at Sacred Heart. Celebrating weddings here is a great way to connect people with the parish and to bring them to our beautiful church. If you know of someone looking to get married and or searching for a home in a parish, please have them send an email to Fr. Fernandes. The parish WEDDING GUIDELINES can be found here.



The Vocation Office of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati has released a series of videos entitled "The Gift of the Priesthood." Filmed in conjunction with Mount St. Mary's Seminary of the West, they offer the opportunity to draw young men to consider a priestly vocation: http://www.cincinnativocations.org/category/video/







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